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In any professional relationship, payment for services is an important matter. This is even more important in mental health, where clarity of relationships and responsibilities are a goal of treatment. Payments in the form of co-pay, out-of-pocket max, deductible amount, or payment in full are expected before each visit. If Brite Futures Counseling, LLC, is enrolled as an "in-network provider" within your insurance health plan, we will submit the claims to your insurance company on your behalf. We encourage you to verify with us as to which insurance companies we are a current participant with.

As a current provider for a number of insurance companies (listed below), Brite Futures Counseling, LLC has agreed on a contractual rate for specific services. In most instances, we have agreed to collect a set co-pay, out-of-pocket max, or deductible amount at the time of service. It would therefore be our responsibility to submit the claim after services rendered so that we can receive the rest of the fixed amount set by the insurance company. In some instances, your insurance plan may refuse payment for services rendered by Brite Futures Counseling, LLC at anytime. It would therefore be your responsibility to contact your insurance company to handle the matter further, and please be aware that you would be obligated to pay in full.

Our mental health sessions might be covered by other health plans if your coverage allows for "out-of-network coverage." This means that you would be responsible for paying the full fee for service, as listed below, before beginning a session. Brite Futures Counseling. LLC will provide you with a billing statement that contains the appropriate diagnostic and procedural codes, fee for service rendered, as well as other necessary information required by most insurance carriers. You would be responsible to submit the billing statement to your insurance company for the appropriate reimbursement for the "out-of-network" mental health service(s) provided under your plan. Payment for reimbursement by your "out-of-network" provider in not guaranteed and Brite Futures Counseling, LLC is not responsible.

We encourage our entire prospective and current client base or parent/legal guardian to contact their insurance company to understand their outpatient mental health benefits and whether they have "in-network" or "out-of network" coverage. Here are some general you may want to ask:

Whether a co-pay is required at the time services are rendered? If so, at what rate?
Is there an annual deductible amount? If yes, has the amount been met?
What does the insurance company consider a calendar year?
Whether authorization is necessary for sessions?
Amount of sessions allowed per calendar year?


Brite Futures Counseling, LLC is a provider with the following insurance plans:


Appointment times are set to accommodate our clients' schedules as often as possible. In order to receive the most success from therapy, it is in the client's best interest to keep their scheduled appointments on a regular basis. We encourage our clients to discuss any need to change an appointment. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, we require that you contact our office at 732-617-6210. Once an appointment has been scheduled, we have a cancellation policy which requires 24 hour notice.

If you neglect to cancel your appointment with at least 24 hours advanced notice or miss an appointment entirely, there will be a late cancellation or "no show" fee of $50.00. By law, we are not permitted to submit a claim to any insurance company for late cancellations and missed appointments. At Brite Futures Counseling, LLC we recognize that unforeseen circumstances do transpire. We do permit our clients a one-time exception to our late cancellation or "no show" fee within a six month span during treatment.

As mentioned earlier, it is very important that the person(s) involved in therapy are an active participant in their own therapeutic process. This is why Brite Futures Counseling, LLC recognizes that in order to provide appropriate couples therapy, both partners must be present at each session, otherwise the session will need to be cancelled and a cancellation fee will be applied if 24 hour notice had not been applied accordingly as per our cancellation policy.

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