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All Therapists Licensed in New Jersey

At Brite Futures Counseling, our Licensed Mental Health Therapists are dedicated to the personal, emotional, social, and/or behavioral concerns of all those we serve. We utilize an eclectic approach where we are able to personalize therapies based on the needs and goals of those we work with. We believe in offering support, compassion, and understanding to promote healthy skills and strategies. Our experienced therapists are both skilled and qualified to offer support in a safe and comfortable environment.

At Brite Futures Counseling, LLC we:

  • Promote an atmosphere which will enhance the client's strengths.
  • Assist client's to express themselves with ease so that they can reveal their thoughts and feelings without interference.
  • Assist couples in working together through the collaborative effort of the therapist.
  • Provide respect while clients feel safe, secure and comfortable.
  • Work with parents to understand the therapeutic process as they are an integral part in their child's growth.
  • Help adults to achieve their goals by guiding them through the therapeutic process.

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